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Chicago Chiropractors Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiropractic Sports Care patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Jason Ingham

Everyone is Very Nice and Professional

Everyone is very nice and professional. Dr. Steller always takes the time to make sure I understand the process and the transformation I’m going through. It’s been 3 weeks only and I already feel the difference in my breathing, sleeping and posture.

-Adnan B.

Best Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

The best comprehensive chiropractic care I have ever received. Thank you for showing me what is truly going on with my spine and having the ability and knowledge to help me get well. Also, thank you for helping me understand what’s needed to get better. Thank you for recognizing me as a individual. Providing care that is specific to me and listening to me and trying to understand what I need to be pain free.

-Angela B.

Very Impressed With Services

I am a healthcare provider. Until recently, I rarely felt the need to seek help for medical problems. Now that I am on the “patient” side of healthcare, I have the utmost appreciation for healthcare providers, who offer patients sensitivity and empathy as well as the clinical knowledge and skills. I am very impressed with the services that I received from Dr. Aho and support staff. Although I receive direct services from Dr. Aho, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ingham in the parking lot. He was clearing the parking lot and walkway of snow. He was very caring and humble. I chose to receive chiropractic services because I wanted a viable alternative to the treatment that was being offered to me for neck pain (medication and surgery). I am feeling so much better.

-Athena P.

Feeling A Difference

Love the staff. Every appointment and treatment is easy to do and I can feel the impact day over day. Very, very happy I came here.

-Maria K.

Great Communication

I feel that they really are concerned about your health and care. They listen and are very attentive to your needs. Great communication and understanding. I am glad they are helping me in my time of need.

-Patricia C.


I like walking in and being greeted by name, being seen immediately, your flexibility in changing my appointment times when I need to, how friendly everyone is, and how willing to answer my questions. I never feel rushed.

-Kenda R.

Highly Recommend

I wish I meet Dr. Ingham 3 years ago. I had neck and head pain and was misdiagnosed by my neurologist. Recently I was referred for surgery. Luckily I meet Dr. Ingham and things got better. I had only 2 weeks of treatment and my pain is almost gone. I know that it’s just a beginning of treatment, but therapy is a way to go.I highly recommend Dr. Ingham . His staff is friendly and professional.

-Lina C.


Everything was great. I had felt better after my first treatment. After going over my reason for coming in with the doctors, they took x-rays, discussed with me my options, and then laid out a weekly plan to help me get better. Couldn’t have done it any better than that.

-Ryan N.

Amazing Job

The staff does an amazing job of just moving you through the treatment. They don’t act apprehensive about helping. They stay on top of it. It runs like a well oiled machine.

-Christopher T.

Degenerative Disc Disease

We are writing this to let everyone know how grateful we are that our daughter Kim is in better health from your treatments. In June, she was constantly in pain! She was on pain pills and the sports doctors at a local hospital said she had degenerative disc disease and there was nothing they could do. We met Dr. Ingham in Andersonville fest in June. Dr. Ingham looked at her MRI examined her and said he could help her. She started her treatments (DRX 9000) and continued with her prescribed treatments. Today she feels like a new person and can do normal things again. Kim is pain free and is so grateful to all the people at Advanced Spine & Sports Care! My daughter is a member of the Lincoln Park Rowers and is one of the top rowers on the team. Thanks again! We recommend you and your treatments to anyone with back pain!

-Bob and Denise Fitzpatrcik Chicago, IL

It has allowed me to sleep again!

Dr. Ingham has been taking care of me for the past ten months. After four months the pain was completely gone. I Now understand the importance of maintenance care and will continue to see you for regular scheduled adjustments.

-Jeremy Beck, age 33
Real State Investor

Back in Good Health

Dear Dr. Ingham:

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate very much all that you did to return me to good health. I am happy to report that I am back on the road walking 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week. I am keeping up with my stretches and exercising and now pain free.

-Colleen Geismann

You are wonderful doctor,

I never thought that I would ever feel better. I couldn’t believe how my pain was, within a few visits you made me 100% better. You are a life saver. Thank you for always taking us on short notice and thank you for everything. Have a great holiday.

-Andy, Larry & Julian.

Thanks to him, I’ve finally found the drug free, pain free me I’ve always wanted.

I started having terrible headaches at the age of 12. When I turned 25, I realized I’d been suffering over half of my life: I knew that I needed to take control of my pain or I’d be a zombie forever. I stopped feeding myself medication as though I were a human guinea pig and began seeing Dr. Ingham. I had hope that a more natural approach would help me without all the side effects from prescription that seemed to be causing more harm than good.

Once I started seen Dr. Ingham, I noticed that the severity and frequency of my headaches began decreasing. As a result, I noticed my energy and happiness levels were greatly increasing. No longer restricted by pain or dependent on medication, I’m actually able to live an active and normal life like most other people my age. Looking back , my only regret in seeing Dr. Ingham is that I didn’t do it sooner.


Thank you!

I came to see Dr. Jason Ingham two months ago, because I kept having sever headaches and extreme pain around the neck area. Before, when I used to jog, by the first 15 minutes I would feel tingling under my feet. It was really uncomfortable, but now my headaches and foot pain almost feel 100% better. I have found out that chiropractic has helped me with my circulation and I also feel less stressed out.

-Anna Ortiz

Goodbye Headaches

Thanks to your medication-free approach to improving my health along with continued instruction on how to better prevent future health problems, I have said goodbye to the headaches long ago. I have been a patient of yours for almost two years now and I want to thank you for the long term care and treatment that I have received from you to date.

-Brad Rozmarynowski

No more backache!

I wanted to say thank you for helping me with this awful backache that I have had nearly all my life. You have been an excellent doctor and I also now consider you a friend.

Thanks for helping me feel better.
-Kristine Figueredo

Dr. Ingham has worked wonders for me!

When I first started seeing Dr. Ingham, I was unable to work or stand straight. I could not stand at all for more than five minutes. I tried several doctors to fix my problem and no one could seem to figure out what the problem was. I came to Dr. Ingham and I will continue to do so for my maintenance care. I have been feeling wonderful thanks to Dr. Ingham!

-Arthur Mallette, Chicago IL. Age 46.

My Body Feels Better

Not only did Dr. Ingham get rid of my back pain, he healed my shoulder. For 14 years, I just accepted my back pain. For three months, I gave up lifting in an unsuccessful attempt to heal my shoulder. Within three visits to Dr. Ingham my back pain was on the decline and my shoulder was ready to lift again. My body feels better than it ever has. Thank you for taking care of me Dr. Ingham

-Christine Roselli

I had horrible pain

I have been seeing Dr. Ingham for about three weeks now. I have seen many doctors and got many tests, even an MRI. Nobody could figure out why I was having this horrible pain. I was even put on antidepressants. I am feeling much better now the pain is no longer constant. Dr. Ingham diagnosed the problem and gave me treatment accordingly. I am looking forward to my continued treatment and being pain-free.

-Juanita Timm

Thank you for everything, Dr. Ingham!

I have suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) for about one and a half years. It started suddenly at night with strong pain and numbness in my right hand.

I thank Dr. Ingham, that after only two months of treatment I do not feel any pain or numbness in my both hands. All the symptoms I had before went away. Dr. Ingham also relieved my neck and back from pain I had suffered for about five years.
I see Dr. Ingham every week and feel stronger and healthier after each visit.

With love, your patient,
-Tetyana Antoniouk

I felt like I had a brand new neck!

In our family history, my grandmother had migraines throughout her twenties and early thirties. Also, I grew up with a mother who suffered chronically form tension and sinus headache. I definitely feel like I “inherited” that headache sensitivity. When I started my treatment, after the first “crack” I noticed that my neck felt very loose. I had not even known about the tension and tightness I had been carrying around for so long.
I feel so much better, and no longer dread that a headache is just around the corner. I can say that I have not had a headache in over two weeks. My whole body is relaxed after my treatments, and I now tell everyone what chiropractic has done for me.

Thank you very much!
-Noelle Bleski

Dr. Ingham is amazing!

I have been a patient of Dr. Ingham’s for almost a year now and the change in my back has been and continues to be phenomenal. When I first came to see Dr. Ingham, it was in an emergency situation. I had never gotten any chiropractic care before. I injured my back and was almost unable to walk. I literally had to walk hunched over in a lot of pain. With every treatment I felt like I achieved a whole new level! He has done an amazing job. Thank you for all your help and continued support!

– James Moulds


Chiropractic has done a very good job in taking away my back pain related to SCOLIOSIS!

-Y. Hwang

Body Ache!

My body ached all the time….for 14 years I just accepted the pain as NORMAL…not only did Dr. Ingham relieve my back pain but healed my shoulder.

-P. Kirsch

Great Results

Within a couple of days I could see and feel great results!

-W. Feldman

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